Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bad Chad & The Good Girls

Soul of the Boot Entertainment, LLC is proud to represent Bad Chad & the Good Girls. This supernatural crunk pop trio is based in Lafayette, LA. The group consists of three dynamic members, Bad Chad- Vocals/beats production/drums...Moontea (Tif)- vocals, drums, tricks...Carrie 2 shoes - keyboard synth, kaos pad, tricks, dj.

Bad Chad, badassfully stepin up to fullfill the mic with great might - see the light!...notice how bright this new world celebration expands to refresh the land with a hip to tha hop hop, slang words wont stop, beats got the knok knok...seasonings from around globe are mixed into the bad chad gumbo to create a most colorful, super beat funky musical feast loaded with ultra-dynamic multidimensional sound scapes to bump yo bum. emerging that with what is too fresh fo death and crunk fo christ...

Are you ready........

You can take their groove with you through Snocap:

Check these links:





Their 1st show in Austin took place on Monday July 21st. Navdo Presents......Monday Night Alright! @ The Beauty Bar. Thanks for the show Nardo! Here's some pics:





Please send feedback, booking or collaboration inquires to scott@souloftheboot.com

More soon.......

Papa Choppa

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