Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Down by the Bayou Radio Play and Review

I am proud and estatic to announce that...............

A fellow cajun Cecil Doyle put Bad Chad & The Good Girls track "Down By The Bayou" in rotation on his program Medicine Ball Caravan! This program is the NPR affiliate for SW Louisiana broadcasted on:

KRVS 88.
7 FM 11AM- Monday- Thursday Central Time

Go to:

www. krvs. org

If your out of the broadcast area or behind your labtop, stream the program online.

Review and thoughts by Cecil Doyle:

"Down By The Bayou" by Bad Chad & the Good Girls is an instant offbeat classic and may very well be the freshest and most inventive track I've heard all year. Most creative melding of Southwest Louisiana Style with contemporary hip hop-influenced sensibilities I've yet heard. Keep it up.......



Papa Chop