Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Chad & The Good Girls URB NEXT 1000 Selection and Review!

Bad Chad & The Good Girls have been selected for URB Magazine's NEXT 1000! Check out the link below and sign up for an account to help us rally votes to stay alive in URB Magazine's various media channels.

Review by Ben Meredith, URB Magazine 1/13/2009

"For better or for worse, Bad Chad and the Good Girls are a draw-jopping band. You definitely can't call it hip-hop, but you can't really call it pop. Actually, you can't really call it anything. I suppose what Chad does is rap, and he has two cute girls to assist him, with incredibly strange, but fun beats to back him up. The live show is quite an event, as well. This is the type of band that just likes to have fun, and is careful not to fall into any specific label or scene. Good plain fun. Or in Chad's case, bad plain fun. Check out "Down by the Bayou" below, for some good ol' southern-influenced country-hop?...or something like that."

Hell yeah!




Papa Chop
Soul of the Boot Entertainment, LLC

Saturday, January 10, 2009

SOBE Updates

Hola amigos,

We are currently working on our new logo. I will be posting the new logo for feedback on the final direction of the branding of my company.

We are putting the finishing touches on the 1st Bad Chad & The Good Girls LP due out Spring 2009. The album will be released under Soul of the Boot Entertainment, LLC. This will be a groundbreaking release for SOBE and the 1st of its kind. We could use some much needed "BUZZ" so if your diggin the sounds of this project, please go crazy with spreading the word.

We are formulating album of explosive cajun fused remixes done by Bad Chad himself. The samples are courtesy of Louie Michot from Lost Bayou Ramblers. "Down By the Bayou" set the standard for Chad's cajun remixes by using a Lost Bayou Ramblers track and creating an offbeat classic that will soon revolutionize the modern Cajun Movement.

Listen for "Down By The Bayou" on KRVS 88.7FM in SW Louisiana. Our podnah, Cecil Doyle has had the track in rotation for a few months now. The program airs 11-12 AM CST. Go to:


Medicine Ball Caravan

Chad's other amazing musical project, imagineiam, has the 1st release on Hand On THe Plow, an indie UK label. Check it out and support his energy.



Bad Chad & The Good Girls


Soul of the Boot Entertainment, LLC.



Papa Chop